Susanne Krell


what I do

My artistic work is similar to a journey through the world as “collector of places”. The focus is on authenticity, the individual track of a place, like a fingerprint. With the technic FROTTAGE I collect traces from all over the world. Creating a rubbing of a location means coming in physical contact with an (intellectual) edifice. For me, rubbings represent the forms of order, the regulations and the ideas for which the respective building stands.
The concept for this method arose during a visit to the prehistoric stone rows and dolmens in the Breton site of Carnac several years ago while in search of a suitable opportunity to take something from a place, yet without destroying it; the idea of the rubbing (frottage) as the act of collecting a trace.

Photographs and drawings are made at a distance from the object; only the frottage requires distance-less physical contact. A process of approach is necessary, being-on-location a prerequisite. Something must be brought into physical contact. This calls for a concrete object. A frottage shows an impression of the surface, individual and unique to the site of ideas, and is similar to a fingerprint. On site activities bring rubbings and buildings of different traditions or confessions together in a symbolic encounter or frottages remain in place like a second skin. Recently, photos and video installations accompany the rubbings and show current events.

Susanne Krell at work in Iran 2015